Saki Furuya


Artist, ANA CEO. I'm writing →ARTICLES
Born in Tokyo, spent her childhood in Switzerland. She has created many installation works both in Japan and overseas that aim to be as natural as possible. Taking the opportunity of , which was announced in 2020, we found a new theme of "reduced beauty" from the physical and mental act of digging the ground and the resulting "hole". Active in various places such as 'work presentations' and hands-on 'DIG JOURNEY'. In her company business, she manages the art space ZigTokyo in Mishuku, Tokyo, general direction of the artist EC site PP.OPEN STORE, presides over the artist class, etc.

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Birth from the emerald green caldera on November 11, 2017. A platform specializing in art that uses yin and yang as symbols for good luck through love and creativity. She has developed a large number of original god-like goods "PP.Gods". It is a pipe of light that connects the universe and the earth, liberating earthlings and conveying the pleasure and depth of creation through art.