SAKISAKI (Saki Furuya) was born in Tokyo and spent her childhood in Switzerland. Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Spatial Design. After giving birth to her three children, she resumed her art activities in 2017. After giving birth to her three children, she resumed her art activities in 2017, and since 2020, she has been obsessed with the mystery of ANA holes, and is trying to solve the mysteries of the earth by creating ANA holes. Strangely enough, the more he digs, the more fascinating it becomes. Some of his representative works include "Kokoro no Yeh," which won the Special Prize at the Textile Recycling Idea Competition, "Dancing Threads and Plants," which was featured in Shoten Architects, Festival De La Terre in Switzerland, SuperVleig SuperMouche in Belgium, and improvised waste materials at Zero Afval Salon Zero Dechet. Art performance, Science x Art "Stability, Instability and Metastability" at the Ocean Core Research Center, a permanent installation at Kochi University, solo exhibition "Awai no Tatami", "Bamboo Charcoal Meditation Room" and "ANA Hole" on Noto Island. In addition to presenting her work, she also gives workshops and art lessons.



NANDE (Naoyuki Minamide) is a one-stroke painter/graphic designer. He has two self-imposed rules: never take the pen off the support once you start drawing, and never cross the line with another line. As a graphic designer, he also creates unique typography by using English words to create Japanese logos. He has also done artwork for the entrance banner of the new adidas store that opened in Shibuya last year, design for fashion brands, typography design for cosmetics company commercials, and jacket design/artwork for reggae and hip-hop music.



SHUN GONDO (Shun Kwondo) is an accessory and jewelry designer. Born in Nagasaki. Graduated from Nagoya Zokei University Oil Painting Course and Bunka Fashion College. Currently studying at Koko no Gakko. He created accessories for Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO Paris collection 2019/20aw. She also provides her works for art events and stylists.



Born from an emerald green caldera on November 11, 2017. An art-focused platform that uses yin and yang as its symbol to open up with love and creativity. A number of divine original goods "PP.Gods". It is a pipe of light that connects the universe and the earth, liberating the people of the earth and conveying the pleasure and depth of creation through art.



Kimura Azu (born in Tokyo, Japan) is a floral artist working in Japan. After graduating from the Department of Arts and Crafts at the University of Fine Arts and Music, he began working for a furniture company in Kyoto, where he was in charge of ikebana for the showroom, and became fascinated by the philosophy and aesthetics of ikebana. The first entry point for his interest in plants was the traditional culture of ikebana, but as he learned more, he became more interested in the existence of plants and started working as a floral artist in 2016. Taking walks and hiking in the mountains are part of her daily routine, and she continues to attempt to project her daily observations and discoveries of plants into her works. Sometimes it is to recognize plants from a limited point of view, and sometimes from multiple perspectives, and he works hard to create his works while searching for the plants through various methods of expression. In recent years, he has been interested in the relationship between humans and plants, and is currently researching how we perceive plants.


 Yoji Matsumura


YOJI (Yoji Matsumura) was born in Asakusa, Tokyo, and his father's workshop, where he worked as a kazari craftsman for the portable shrine, was the starting point for his craftsmanship. After graduating from Cranbrook Academy of Art (CAA) in sculpture and Virginia CamonWells Graduate School (VCU) in sculpture, he opened an alternative art gallery [Space WA] in Soho, New York. He is interested in materials and methods that exist in the gaps between different cultures and values. In addition to art museums and galleries, he has created installations in temples, theaters, warehouses, factories, and former mining sites, using a variety of materials and waste materials. Leatherworks 21" is a series of hand-stitched works using scraps of leather discarded by the local leather industry. Major exhibitions: Detroit Institute of Arts, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Mattress Factory, Miyagi Museum of Art, Tochigi Museum of Art, Honen-in Temple, Sagacho Exhibit Space, Obusedo, World Expo (Brisbane), IOC General Assembly (Tokyo), UNESCO Headquarters, etc. Lecturerships: Musashino Art University, Women's Junior College of Art and Design, Tokyo Zokei University, Seoul Institute of the Arts, Konkuk University, Hong Kong University of Design, Virginia Commonwealth University, etc.


Glass Studio: A Piece of Star Kouhey


Burner work provides a process to remove the conflicts and unnecessary noise in our inner world that distract us from simple truths, and teaches us how to live in the present. The intention is to grasp the traditional techniques and bring awareness to the material, increasing the sensory value from the hand to the brain and providing the heart with the work it needs. I also continue to search for the truth in what is essentially a simple design. Graduated from Kuwasawa Design School (Space Design Course). In 2002, I met Matthew Fellow, a glass artist in Australia, and it was a very important event that changed the way I live my life. After working in an interior design office for three years, I moved to the U.S. in 2004, where I spent about three months studying glass art and life with Bob Snodgrass, and began my journey to connect with the world through the medium of glass and explore my inner self in the process. Since 2006, she has worked as a manager at a glass art specialty store, and has assisted in many workshops taught by foreign instructors, as well as teaching herself. The experience of working with many artists in the United States, the home of glass art, and experiencing their advanced techniques, cutting-edge knowledge, and attitude toward glass must have given me great courage and motivation to continue my creative activities. In 2008, I became independent and started my own glass studio, Hoshi no Kakera. In 2008, I became an independent artist and started my own glass studio, Hoshi no Kakera, where I have been trying to harmonize with nature and express my ideas of high quality self-expression. In 2012, I moved to Australia and returned to my roots. While working as a chef, I was surrounded by nature and warmed up my motivation for creative activities. After returning to Japan in 2019, I moved to Minami-Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture, and resumed activities at the glass studio "Hoshi no Kakera" in 2020. Father of three children.