How to create happiness for diggers


I found a crystal in Spain!

This was the biggest reward for me.

How did you get here?

How to create happiness


At first, I was in a remote area in the Galicia region of Spain.

From there, I went around natural attractions (waterfalls, castle ruins, etc.) within a 2-3 hour drive. It was also quite impressive.

You used to drive for 5-6 hours every day... This motivation is

I can only say that I'm looking for new excitement.

There is also a hint here, but why do you want to go that far? want to go!

Because it's something I really like.

Because I'm following my soul's voice, my intuition itself.

This area is full of sights, with the famous pilgrimage route called the Camino de Santiago. The cape at the end of the earth, the westernmost tip of continental Europe (exactly like Portugal), and the Santiago Cathedral, which we visit at the end of the pilgrimage.

I was satisfied to some extent, and at the end of September, it became seasonally cold, so I moved to the Andalusia region in the south.

I was still searching for caves, lakes, and waterfall basins with my intuition and inspiration.

How to find it?

Reservations are required for nature-protected national parks and cave tours, so there were times when I couldn't go.

Sometimes they force me in, but I can't do it today even though it's empty! There was also something like online reservation.

At first, I was impressed by the ordinary cave (which is quite beautiful), but the level gradually increased and I was full.

I found this crystal cave! ! !

Of course I found it on the map.

It seems that you can buy tickets online, and to my surprise, only one slot was available on the last day of my stay! ! The other side is also full for the time being. .

I tried to buy it right away, but it's a specification that I can't buy it unless I enter my Spanish ID (DNI). . . Too frustrating! And if you don't hurry, it'll be full

I called but couldn't get through.

Then you will receive a reply the next day!

"Please buy online."

So! I couldn't buy it, so I'm emailing you! ! !

"I came all the way from Japan for this. I really want to see it. Please let me make a reservation!"

Try again.

"Okay, I made a reservation. Please come to the reception on the day."

Surprisingly light w

Well, despite all that, God brought me here. . .

Occasionally, something happens to test whether you really want to go or not

There are ways to create happiness.

Of course I didn't come here for this, but

In the end, I thought I was here for this.


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