Saki Furuya


アーティスト、株式会社ANA CEO。東京生まれ、幼少期をスイスで過ごす。極めて自然でありのままの姿に近づくためのインスタレーション作品を国内外共に多数制作。2020年に発表した〈ANA〉を機に、地面を掘るという物理的・精神的なそぎ落としの行為とその結果生まれる「穴」の存在から「減らす美」という新たなテーマを見出し、精力的に制作活動を行っている。また穴掘りにより地面の中、地球の中心に興味を持ち、南米等で入手してきた鉱物を用いた作品〈AL〉シリーズをヨーロッパ等世界各地で発表している。
Born in Tokyo and spent her childhood in Switzerland. Graduated from Musashino Art University. Produces installation works both in Japan and abroad to approach the extremely natural and unadulterated.
With "ANA," she discovered a new theme of "the beauty of reduction" through the physical and mental act of digging the ground and the resulting "hole," and has been presenting "ANA" works and "DIG JOURNEY," an interactive experience. 
She also became interested in the center of the earth through digging holes in the ground, and created the "AL" series of works using minerals she obtained in South America and other places, which have been exhibited in Europe and other parts of the world.