Are burrowers aiming for the center of the earth?

Simple digging and looking at the completed ANA is a pleasure, so I started digging for ANA.

You know, I love caves too.

The entrance is just a hut, but is it a concert hall? A cave of such size.

I love that feeling too.

At first glance, it looks like nothing.

Maybe I like underground?

I love hot springs, I love volcanoes, I love calderas, and I love calderas filled with water even more. I love natural stones to death.

What these all have in common is …

Towards the center of the earth? Mantle?

Yes, that's what I've come to realize.

That's why! It's a story, but this kind of thing is very personal, and it doesn't come out no matter what you look into.

That's the fun part of getting to know yourself.

From now on, I will continue to live my life with full individuality!