A Digger's Spanish Adventure Journey vol.8


In Spain, when you enter a store, you'll be like! It is basic to say hello. Once you get used to this, even in a small shop in Japan, when it's silent, it becomes painful. Well, sometimes it's easy.

In Tokyo, it is customary to keep some distance between people. I think that there are some problems that I have avoided thanks to this, and it may have been unavoidable because there are many crimes and incidents in the city center, even in the world.

However, the people in this town are all friendly, and even though I was a bit nervous, I was able to relax because they seemed to know each other all over the town.

One day, I found a shop called CAVES along the main street. Moreover, although there is a signboard, it is empty like a garage. What if it crashed? Then I'd like to open a restaurant called ANA, but when I looked it up, it turned out to be a restaurant.

I had a new friend at BAR, so I asked him about it. Then, it seems that the entrance on the main street is a parking lot, and the entrance of the shop is in the back alley. In addition, it is quite a long-established store and is very prosperous, and the basement seems to be the site of a large wine cellar!

Furthermore, the friend's birthday party will be held there next month. Moreover, it seems to be a joint birthday party with a Japanese (only) with the same birthday in this town. What's more, they're not friends, they just have the same birthday and live in the same town, but they seem to do it. But he also invites me, who I just met.

Friendly! "Too much!"

I had already forgotten how to live in Tokyo.

After all, I had returned to Japan on the day of my birthday party, so I went with another friend before going home. The food was delicious, and they even showed us the entire wine cellar in the basement! Moreover, the staff unlocked the door and said go ahead and left. I thoroughly enjoyed the fairly large underground maze. It seems that it has not been used since sea water entered in the old days. (Maybe. I could only understand 2% because it was in Spanish)

That trip must have been a baptism of Spain, and I am grateful to have returned safely~, but for the time being, I decided to just prepare for the establishment of the company and return in April. I thought it was going to sink in Japan, so I took a plane to come back to Spain in a few weeks.

Actually, I wanted to get cozy in Japan, but for some reason I did.

You can't get everything at once. Sometimes you have to focus on one thing.

Of course, I really wanted to meet the children and other people, but even so, I have to enjoy what I can do in Spain! and switch modes.

'Don't reject those who come, don't chase those who leave'

This is perfect for Spain.

'I'm human'