Digger's Spanish Adventure Journey vol.7

Are you excited?

Actually, during the winter and spring of 2022, I haven't been able to place the excitement as my top priority yet. Now that I think about it, it's about 1/100. So in half a year it will be 100 times more than it is now.

I think excitement can be anything from small things to big things, but quality is important.

Are you 100% excited?

I want to do it even for a little while! But what about this point? this!

Even if

0.5%, it should not be. Only high-quality excitement that is 120% exciting in terms of bodily sensations is called exciting.

Let's go on this trip with skepticism. let's try it. I wonder if there were a lot of

But looking back, I started making clothes at that time.

On a whim, I looked for a fabric store, went to a slightly larger town next door, and bought needles, threads, and cloth. I started sewing slowly.

That's right, I had a dream for the first time when I was in elementary school, and it was

Fashion designer. (The Neighborhood Story Generation)

Making the clothes that appear in the manga with the help of her grandmother is a truly precious memory for this completely abandoned woman.

Of course, the clothes are still in good condition after going through the hard hurdle of throwing everything away.

There are so many things I can think of because I am living from nothing.

At the same time, I truly felt thankful for everyday life.

What kind of troublesome creature is a human?

Nobody wants to read this kind of personal story, but I feel like I'm writing it for some reason...

Honestly, I don't want you to listen...but I want to write! Naan with naan right?

In general, the earth is mysterious, and the universe is even more mysterious,

Where is the empty world? ? ? ? ?

Since I was little, I used to fly with

(or rather, in a labyrinthine trance state).

No matter who you ask, you don't know, and you don't need to know in the first place. Damn you?

I just said that, what did he think? What should I do if I can't pass the presentation? It's the same, no one knows, and no one knows.

Just play around.

When I was taking entrance exams for art college, I was so focused that I almost died. it's smaller I was encouraging.

It's become a topic of space travel, oh yeah, right around this time, the war between Ukraine and Russia had just started, and sometimes the news was on the TV in the restaurant, but the local old men said, right.

"Well, this is heaven!"

I agree with Grandpa. Rather than sympathize with the strange war (I would really like to help), let's enjoy the here and now! Say.