Digger's Spanish Adventure Journey vol.6

February's trip never ends.

I'm not talking about another time, but this time I stayed in only one city, 30 minutes north of Barcelona by train or 15 minutes by car.

I stayed in 3 Airbnbs for about 2 weeks each. Then a few days in hotel in Barcelona.

What I realized in that regard is the importance of the space of 'home'.

It was like a place to return, in this case, a place where my luggage is. No matter how small it was, it wasn't the amount I could carry around every day.

I remember when I was in Musabi era, there was a problem called Rambling Home, and I made a work with that theme.

What is a house?

I thought deeply about

. At that time, I definitely had a big head, and my head was so heavy that I couldn't balance and always felt like I was going to fall over. I understand? My head is too heavy for my body.

Thanks to the past few years, I later learned that it is much better to move your body than to think.

Furthermore, this assignment made me realize that, and as a result, I was able to create a very good work. I was also happy, and later I was awarded Kyoko Ibe's special prize at the Textile Recycling Idea Competition. Kokoronoe If you don't mind, please take a look.

Yes, that's when I came up with the idea that a home is always in your heart.

Soremashita. The purpose is to deviate w

Yes, I moved here on my own in a small town in Spain. Together with Kokoro.

What I have noticed is how much my favorite space warms my spirit.

The reason is each. It might be convenient, or it might be good that it's spacious.

I have learned that having good taste (personally), having a certain amount of space, and having a good smell are important. If you want, you can see the sea if possible, have a bathtub if possible, and so on.

However, even if I was on a high floor in front of the sea and could see the wide ocean every day, I wouldn't have liked it if the sense of the house was subtle, and it affected my feelings. (Because I like fashion)

By the way, what I liked the most was the piano house in the photo from the previous article. ↑This bathroom too♡

The owner is a cool German-Spanish mixed artist. she is still a good friend. When I made a fuss about how cool she was, she called me to the owner's house, and she was really cool

This alone will increase your tension and motivation.

Everyone has their own favorites. Let's experience more and more! !

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