Digger's Spanish Adventure Journey vol.3

Now, let's finally set off on our trip in February.


! ! ! As an aside, it is now November 2022, but last night we had the first full moon and total lunar eclipse in over 400 years! ! I'm in a state of excitement after seeing the full.

I've been sick since the day before, I'm sleepy and sleepy, and I'm already easily affected by the full moon, but last night's power was extraordinary. I'm glad to be alive.

Now, let's finally set off on our trip in February. yes.

The determination at that time was amazing to me. To the extent that I might never come back to Japan. (It's always an exaggeration, but it's true! Miracles! I'm back)

I went straight from the airport to that place (see the previous article) without meeting any of my friends who live in Spain, nor telling them I was going. Before buying a shovel at a home center.

The beginning of the most minimal journey as a hole digger.

On the outskirts of Barcelona... a new town that no one knows about. It was a mixture of excitement, anxiety, tension, and excitement that I couldn't explain.

The next day, I went to see the land.

A really wonderful location where you can see the sunrise and sunset on a hill overlooking the sea. And here is also a national park nearby, so there is not much land that can be built, but it is possible to build. Dreams just keep growing.

However, when I see it with my own eyes, it's proportional to the throbbing heartbeat, and the dreaming girl is quite realistic... How can I make it happen? ? wry smile

Well, let's get to know this town first. Let's hang around.

No, let's dig ANA on the beach for now. w

On the way home, I stopped by a bar (although it has a terrace and is almost like a cafe). There aren't many Japanese here, but I'm definitely the only Japanese with a shovel.

A cheerful old man speaks to me in Spanish. (Later, I heard from another friend that he thought I was going to hit him with a shovel.)

I'm always joking around, but I also heard that my father passed away last week in his 80s (later I heard from a different friend that he was over 90 and said it was three weeks ago. I felt a sense of Spanishness towards my father.)

A few days later, it turns out that the old man is at the bar almost every day. It's on the road to the beach, so go digging for ANA = meet the old man. An infinite loop has been created.

Thanks to you, for better or for worse, I've lost my rigid thoughts about what to do with that land, and I feel like I'm going to take it easy.

It seems that most of the people in this small town know each other. Because everyone was born and raised here, so many families live here and everyone knows them. When I was walking on the road, 5 people said hello at 100m. Even more so, this old man, who spends all day at the bar, will just say hello and end the day. She seems to live on a pension, and she seems to receive 1100€ a month. As much as I know about this fact, I think everyone in town knows about it. It is also w

that it is all used in BAR

This is the story of an old man named Paco. Spain has the same names, such as Paco, Xavi, Daniel, Sergio, etc. Parents and children often have the same name. You can't really understand Japanese glitter names.

There are a lot of ANA. So I'm often called ANA, but if you think about the meaning, it's strange. But it's easy to understand, so that's good.
The owner of the land in question was also ANA. hole festival

Because of Paco! It's been a long time! I have a more interesting story.