Digger's Spanish Adventure Journey vol.2

Before my trip in February, I would like to look back on my activities during my stay in Japan.

I have an idea.

Underground 'Meditation Hole' (see image)

 The pleasure, exhilaration, openness, concentration, time to face yourself, the feeling of being in an empty space, the feeling of returning to zero, the state of no burden.

I wanted to create such a sacred space. I put a lot of effort into making that plan.

Actually, during my trip in December, I had an encounter that can only be described as a miracle.

I met someone who was digging a hole similar to mine at the same time.

I think miracles like this happen purely when we are alive.

The whole flow was not my intention, it was a bang. (Maybe I'm good at living being swept away.) I went to carry in the work on the same foot as I arrived in Spain. After that, I was scheduled to meet someone who was introduced to me, and he took me to a certain studio. Then, this time, the person who was there said let's go to a secret party where artists gather. In just a few hours, I headed for

That person from ANA was there.

"I'm digging a hole."

This is how I introduce myself these days. As you can imagine, the moment you say it, the questions fly.

However, this ANA Mate (as I call her) instantly understood the secrets of digging.

There are people like that.

and I went home that day, but when we met again a few weeks later, I found out that he was also digging a round ANA. Oh, that's why! Gatten!

Back to the story, around the time when the idea for a meditation hall was growing, this ANA mate found the perfect place for it.

I thought that my everyday life had become a miracle.

I'm so excited from the bottom of my heart that I don't know how to do it, but I want to do it! I was excited like a child.

This, this, this, this! ! Exactly this excitement! ! This feeling of excitement! ! !

It's been a while. I felt like I remembered everything.

I didn't have the money to buy the land, and I didn't know how to buy it, but I decided to go see it.

There is no way my life will get better if I put up with this! That's how strong it is.

Excitement and passion will break the status quo... w

In the end, I still couldn't write until my trip in February...