Digger's Spanish Adventure Journey vol.1

Suddenly, he begins to spell.

That's right, now that I think about it, my adventure in Spain suddenly began.

As a person, I always start suddenly.

Of course there is no plan at all, just driven by 'intuition'.

There are many things that surprise the people around me, but I love the fact that I can only live like this. I'm sorry (a small apology here).

And of course, in the old days, we weren't so free. I wish I could slowly tell you how I got my wings... if there is even one person who can relate...

Now, the beginning of our adventure trip to Spain vol.1.

At the end of 2020, I flew to Barcelona.

I started digging a hole in the spring of that year, right around the time the coronavirus started.

The reason I headed to Barcelona was to deliver a piece I had made in the past, but it's the end of the year! So, I stayed there for about a month.

I stopped by places like San Sebastian and Mallorca, and experienced Spain for the first time in a while. 'That's how I felt.

And I realized that right now, I'm only interested in digging holes. w

The new ANA, the atmosphere, the culture, the people, everything is different from what we are digging in Japan. And it's very comfortable.

Until now, I have focused on how to hone my intuition.

Early in my life, I believed that the subtle differences in my senses and the power to not overlook small sparks were the best way to hear myself.

However, even if people know about it, they tend to ignore it or close it. The trials that have happened so far will make you realize it.

When I returned to Japan in January 2023, no matter how I thought about it, I couldn't have been able to go to Spain again right away. But at times like this, I wonder if it's the order of the universe, I can go. The idea of ​​what I want to do in Spain continues to grow during this time. It springs up. What have you been doing! I was so overwhelmed with inspiration that it felt like the inside of my body was infinite.

Then come again in February. next time! ! !