Digger, first run in Spain

I noticed something.

I'm not good at speaking and writing in chronological order. w

It's too late! ! !

Since it is

, I will write it in random order.

It may have been like this before, but...

I am good at changing things as soon as I have an idea. w

I'm not good at sticking around. Because I'm tired.

Even when I was little, I really hated being forced to continue with my lessons even though I wanted to quit.

I think my parents treated me as a selfish daughter. Tired. Easy to heat and easy to cool.

As if it was a bad thing. When you do that, you lose confidence.

Born with Ogya, parents are usually the first to learn about this world and society for the first time.

Parents are just human, so they are full of egos.

Well, it's the same even if it's someone else.

So I want to be a parent and respect my children as much as possible, but

Even if you're making them quit their lessons, try working with them a little more. nuances collide. endless w

Well, this is how I feel right now.

Yeah, I spent the summer visiting geoparks on the Izu Peninsula.

The strange shapes of nature and volcanoes make my blood flutter, but for some reason in Japan it's so crazy and exciting! I can't go as far as

There's no reason for this, right?

That's how the body is made.

So I tried doing the same thing in Spain. In late summer.

That was awesome!

I don't know if I can enter alone or not.

I didn't get hit, but now I'm getting a speeding notice.

It was my first time driving properly overseas, but I've improved a lot.

On the first day, I flew from Japan to Barcelona, ​​picked up my luggage, had lunch with my friends, boarded another plane, went to the countryside, and drove for the first time on the road at night for just over an hour... nervous, tired, and jet lag. All I remember is that I was unconscious.

I have some courage.

I was able to see the most beautiful sunset in

! !

Digression. On the day I returned to Japan, when I got in the car for the first time in a while, I leaned too far to the left and hit the side mirror. . . It's true that your body gets used to it.