Namu Amida" (probably a tray of beef or sashimi) + "Space" (a tray of root horseradish from Yamaguchi Prefecture)

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Food Tray Typo] Many food trays come in a variety of vibrant colors. Many of them have wonderful designs that match the food they are used to hold. It would be nice if these could be recycled, but it would be a shame to throw them away without a second thought! They look like such an auspicious spring! They look like Buddhist altars! So I added some text and brought them to life again. The gold and black color of the tray strangely reminded me of a Buddhist altar, and I wrote "Namu Amida Buddha" on it. The single stroke of Namu Amida represents the connection between the person chanting and the Buddha in paradise. It is also the Namu Amida for the life of the creature on the tray, and the Namu Amida that the person who ate it chants at the time of death, representing the continuity of everything. The set "Universe" is a plain white tray with a simple design and a grid engraved on it, giving it a retro-futuristic feel, somewhat like 2001: A Space Odyssey. The Chinese character for "space" is made up of the five letters of the alphabet A.I.U.E.O. AIUE makes up the character for "U" and AIUEO makes up the character for "space. AIUE is the Chinese character for "U" and AIUEO is the Chinese character for "Space", and since it is said that after death we will return to the universe, this set is a continuation of the "Namu Amida" set.

(Namu Amida Buddha) 250mm (H) x 180mm (W) x 32mm (H) <Space> 195mm (H) x 90mm (W) x 20mm (H)

Created by: NANDE