ANA WORKSHOP Participation Ticket

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When you dig a hole, you and the world are clearly more beautiful. Instead of asking why, just dig a hole. Borrow a piece of the magnificent nature and experience gratitude for nature, gratitude for living beings, and love for yourself. The ripples will spread happiness and freedom. Nature becomes a mirror image, leading us to our inner world, stirring our sense of beauty and creativity, and unearthing our innate power. Although mysterious, it is the ultimate artwork based on the providence of nature, the truth of the universe, and human psychology. It is a work of art that expresses in the simplest possible way the tremendously complex elements that exist when you take a moment out of the world, and the act of chipping away at the nature that is already there frees us from perfection and perfection, and teaches us that what is is beautiful. The act of scraping away the nature that is already there frees us from perfection and completeness, and teaches us that beauty lies in what is. It is an act of digging out the unknown self and the world that is already there, but lying dormant. Transportation fee not included.

Created by: SAKISAKI